If you have information concerning general NIST fraud, waste and abuse, please contact the National Whistleblower Center and see their tab: Submit Confidential Report.

If you have information concerning NIST’s World Trade Center reports on WTC1, 2 or 7, please contact whistleblower attorney Mick Harrison below.

Mick Harrison, Esq.
520 South Walnut Street, #1147
Bloomington, IN 47402

Mr. Harrison has 25 years of experience as a public interest litigator, first for the Government Accountability Project and more recently on his own as a private attorney, focusing on whistleblower cases. (See full resume for Attorney Mick Harrison).

One of Mr. Harrison’s most significant  whistleblower case victories was against the George W. Bush Administrations’ National Park Service-United States Park Police on behalf of Chief Teresa Chambers, the first female Chief of the National Park Police, a case Mr. Harrison litigated successfully with co-counsel from the non-profit organization Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility based in Washington, D.C.

DISCLAIMER:  Attorney Harrison is not the sponsor of this site but has agreed to receive initial contacts from any NIST employee who wishes to make a whistleblower disclosure, needs advice, or desires legal representation for a federal whistleblower case. Any initial contacts from NIST employees will be used to permit Mr. Harrison to confidentially evaluate the employee’s claim or case. It is not a commitment to provide legal representation. Any information you submit to Attorney Harrison will be treated as attorney-client privileged even if Attorney Harrison does not decide to take your case. An agreement to provide an initial consultation is not an agreement to represent you. Should Attorney Harrison or another law firm agree to represent you, then a written representation agreement (contract) would be entered into with you setting forth the scope and terms of the legal representation.

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